Join Ken and Dan for an informative session of Q & A about how they secured world wide distribution for their independent features. topics include writing, financing, pre and post production, festivals, distribution and more!

Moderated by Dan Franko


Join award winning actor/producer/director Ken Arnold, as we explore what it takes to work on camera via scripted material, script analysis, characterization, truth of the moment, coming from somewhere, what the camera sees and more. The participant will study scenes, memorize material, be paired with a partner(s), and present material before the class, incorporating what he/she has learned. All is video taped and edited together for each participant. This workshop is great for actors who want experience, exposure and footage for their reel.

Join award-winning actor/director/producer Ken Arnold as he provides tips and techniques when auditioning for film and TV. Ken will show you how to be relaxed, work from a real place, understand what the camera reads and make a better connection with your scene partner/reader.

Ken Arnold coaches beginners  and  experienced actors , in the Mid Atlantic. He also gives advice about all acting  ‘problems’, and helps experienced actors prepare for their next project. His coaching has been described as “second to none!"